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Moon - Uranus in aspect in the birth chart: Young, Wild, Free


What is Uranus?

Uranus represents the sudden, the electricity, the volatile, the unexpected, the modern, new age, eccentric. It's our inner rebel, our inner eccentric. In our birth chart, Uranus represents where we might be a little odd and eccentric, rebellious and independent, disruptive and innovative.

What is Moon?

Moon in the birth chart represents our emotional patterns, emotional needs, how we express our emotions and how we feel fulfilled. When studying your natal chart, looking at your Moon can really help you understand your emotions, how you cope with life situations and what truly matters to you. If you're interested in building a personalized self-care routine based on your Moon, make sure you download our free Moon guide.

So what happens when wild Uranus and the soft Moon meet in the natal chart?

Moon in aspect to Uranus:

Moon-Uranus: Shocking value

When Moon is in aspect to Uranus in the birth chart, there is a need to shock and provoke the social standards and norms. These people will probably like dying their hair in bright colours and dress without consideration of what is the « proper attire ».

Moon-Uranus: Rebellious

People who have Moon in aspect to Uranus in their birth chart love and thrive on the surprised reactions and love to always push the boundaries and question what is « normal ». Don’t tell them how they should dress, and behave, who they should date and how they should respond to social interactions. They hate doing something because they have to, and they only proceed the way they want to. They are great outside-the-box thinkers. I remember dating a Moon square Uranus man and he told me one time: "I didn't want to go to this party, but when I asked you if I should, you said it was better I didn't. So I went." There's really a strong sensitivity to being told what to do.

Moon-Uranus: Unpredictable emotions

When you find Moon in aspect to Uranus in the birth chart, it tends to mean that the person displays very unpredictable emotions. Unexpected and sudden mood changes, changing feelings and a tendency to cut relationships out quickly and completely detach. The ability to go stone cold is a key feature of Moon/Uranus, unless of course Moon is in a sign that's more prone to being emotionally open.

Moon-Uranus: Sensitivity to freedom

Someone with Moon-Uranus in their birth chart tend to have a strong sensitivity to feeling limited in their freedom. What tends to trigger a Moon-Uranus is mostly by feeling restrained and/or feeling denied their right to be themselves.

Moon-Uranus: Unpredictable childhood

Moon - Uranus could signify an unexpected and/or violent birth. Early childhood could have been erratic and unsettling. Maybe the home was unstable and the child missed the stability they needed to feel safe and secure. The mother could have been absent, emotionally unstable, or was behaving in the way that made the child lack a sense of safety. Maybe there were several partners that may have been violent to the mother or the child, or maybe the child was regularly grounded at home which made them crave the freedom of the outside world.

They may have moved a lot, forced by sudden events or because they led an unstable life. The person could struggle staying with the same partner, but this would happen only if they can’t have the space and freedom they need to express their emotions and personality.

Moon-Uranus: Need for space

Moon-Uranus needs space, figuratively and literally. They do better in large spaces where they don’t feel contained. You’ll probably find them outside the city where they can live as they please.

Moon-Uranus: Creativity

Moon - Uranus promotes individuality, creativity, and artistic capacities. Artistic activities are a great way for them to release their emotions and anxiety. Writing, painting, singing, dancing, they could enjoy any of those activities, as long as they can do it they way they want at the pace they want. Whatever they produce will be original, the kind that wasn't done before and may not be done after. Uranus is the Stallion, wild & free. The more the person is able to express their individuality and creativity, the more positive the conjunction becomes.

Moon-Uranus: Innovation

Uranus is the planet of innovation, so they could enjoy spending a lot of time on Internet, on new technology, regardless of their age. They probably have interest for Astrology, UFO, anything kind of unusual and untraditional. If Moon is in Aquarius, then it’s full on eccentric. Politically you would find them on the progressive side. They believe in humanity, in collective progress, and in finding the solutions in the innovation.

Moon-Uranus: Need for purpose

When Moon is in aspect to Uranus in the birth chart, no matter in which zodiac sign, it brings a sense of purpose and drive to a person's life. It can bring out the best in them and inspire them to think differently and be open to new possibilities. It can also bring out a sense of restlessness and impatience, as they may feel a need to constantly be on the move. No matter how it manifests in an individual's chart, the Moon in soft aspect to Uranus can bring about a sense of creativity, progressiveness, and a willingness to take risks. It can be a positive influence, leading to a life of exploration and adventure.

Moon-Uranus aspects in the birth chart

Moon conjunct Uranus in the birth chart

When the Moon is conjunct Uranus in the birth chart, it indicates a person who is highly sensitive and often struggles with feelings of restlessness and anxiety. They will be prone to emotional eruptions and a highly charged atmosphere, often resulting in sudden changes in their emotional state. This type of person will likely be a bit of a wildcard and take risks in order to fulfill their own needs, while also seeking stimulation and excitement. When the

Moon square Uranus in the birth chart

If Moon is square Uranus in the birth chart, it suggests a person who is prone to anger, impatience, and volatility. They may be quick to react and can come off as aggressive or confrontational. They may struggle with impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and a lack of emotional control, as well as an inability to stick to plans or routines. They will often seek out excitement and new experiences and may look for ways to break the rules or push boundaries. Bear in mind the sign in which Moon is located will tell you how controlled the emotions are.

Moon opposite Uranus in the birth chart

When the Moon is opposite Uranus in the birth chart, it shows a person who is prone to emotional intensity and volatility, yet also able to maintain a sense of control over their emotions. They may be prone to sudden outbursts and mood swings, yet are able to manage them effectively. They may also be quite adept at managing sudden change and disruption, and may even enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

Moon inconjunct Uranus in the birth chart

When the Moon is inconjunct Uranus in the birth chart, it indicates a person who struggles with their emotions and often feels out of sync with the world around them. They may feel disconnected from their inner needs and emotions and have difficulty communicating their feelings. This person may be prone to sudden changes in their mood and behavior, yet may struggle to make lasting changes or take risks in order to satisfy their needs. Regardless of the exact aspect between the Moon and Uranus in a birth chart, it can be an indication of a person who is deeply sensitive and prone to sudden changes in their emotional state. Such individuals may need to take extra care when it comes to managing their emotions and may benefit from therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy.

Moon sextile Uranus in the birth chart

When Moon is sextile Uranus, it can bring a sense of progressive thinking, originality, and a willingness to take risks. People who have this combination in their charts tend to be fast thinkers and quick decision-makers, often adapting to the ever-changing environment around them.

They often have a strong intuitive connection to their environment and those around them, sensing what is coming before it actually arrives.

They're freedom-loving, adaptable, and they're usually keen on relocating to a different country.

Moon trine Uranus in the birth chart

When Moon is trine Uranus, it often brings about a feeling of freedom and independence. People with this combination in their birth chart often like to challenge the status quo and question the traditional values of society. They have an independent streak and are often not afraid to speak their mind or stand up for their own beliefs. They are also often highly creative people, open to exploring new ideas and concepts.

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