Moon conjunct Uranus: Young, Wild, Free

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

When the Moon is conjunct Uranus, there is a need to shock and provoke the social standards and norms. These people will probably like dying their hair in bright colors and dress without consideration of what is the « proper attire ».

They love and strive on the surprised reactions and love to always push the boundaries and question what is « normal ». Don’t tell them how they should dress, behave, who they should date and how they should respond to social interactions. They hate doing something because they have to, and they only proceed the way they want to. They are great outside the box thinkers.

Uranus represents the sudden, the electricity, the volatile, the unexpected, the modern, new age, eccentric. When the soft Moon and the electric Uranus meet, it gives quite the energy packed conjunction.

This conjunction gives the person very volatile emotions. Unexpected and sudden mood changes, regular outbursts but like Moon conjunct Mars, easily dissipated. The outbursts would be provoked mostly by feeling restrained and/or feeling denied their right to be them, or feeling like once again they can’t have the stability they crave.

Moon conjunct Uranus could signify an unexpected and/or violent birth, especially if the Moon is in Cancer and or in the 4th House. The early childhood could have been erratic and unsettling. Maybe the home was unstable and the child missed the stability he needed to feel safe and secure. The Mother could have been absent, emotionally unstable, or was behaving in the way that made the child lack a sense of safety. Maybe there was several partners that may have been violent to the mother or the child, or maybe the child was regularly grounded at home which made them crave the freedom of the outside world.

They may have moved a lot, forced by sudden events or because they led an unstable life. The person could struggle staying with the same partner, but this would happen only if they can’t have the space and freedom they need to express their emotions and personality. Moon Uranus needs space, figuratively and literally. They do better in large spaces where they don’t feel contained. You’ll probably find them outside the city where they can live as they please.

Moon conjunct Uranus promotes individuality, creativity, and artistic capacities. Artistic activities are a great way for them to release their emotions and anxiety. Writing, painting, singing, dancing, they could enjoy any of those activities, as long as they can do it they way they want at the pace they want.Whatever they produce will be original, the kind that wasn't done before and may not be done after. Uranus is the Stallion, wild & free. The more the person is able to express their individuality and creativity, the more positive the conjunction becomes.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, so they could enjoy spending a lot of time on Internet, on new technology, regardless of their age. They probably have interest for Astrology, UFO, anything kind of unusual and untraditional. If the Moon is in Aquarius, then it’s full on eccentric. Politically you would find them on the progressive side. They believe in humanity, in collective progress, and in finding the solutions in the innovation.

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