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Venus in aspect to Uranus: Out of sight near the heart

When Venus meets Uranus in the natal chart, there is a great need for freedom and personal expression. Whatever aspect there is between these two planets, there is a taste (Venus) for expressing your individuality and remaining free (Uranus).

Venus-Uranus is refreshing by its sincerity and unwillingness to follow social conventions. It is the typical aspect of the marginal; they don’t care for what other people think and appreciate uniqueness, rebellion, unwillingness to follow the group. They have their own taste, desires, and if they are the only one liking things the way they do, even better! Sometimes it becomes a personality trait to want to have everything “special”: Limited editions, exclusive products, trends no one ever heard of, and so on. The personality is electric, the tastes eclectic, and the mind is wide open.

With Venus - Uranus, there is a desire to multi task, stay busy, jump around, but also a difficulty to stay focus, grounded, and follow through with what's started. After studying charts of people with attention disorder (ADD and ADHD), I found Venus – Uranus in aspects at a very high occurrence in the natal chart (the most common contacts being opposition and square).

Venus-Uranus needs change, all the time. Things have to be original, exciting, unsettling; they want their life to be moving around and as soon as an habit form for too long they may want to break it. If the aspect between Venus and Uranus is flowing (sextile, trine) it can be easy to be unique, to be adventurous, to express your individuality. You can always be on the look out for a thrill, explore, pursue your personal passions, be avant-garde, and carefree. You can find an activity that is tailored to your personality, put your skills on display. Now if the aspect is a conjunction, a square, an opposition, a quincunx, it’s often a bit more complicated. We find someone that truly needs to be unique, to be free from people’s opinions, to fulfill their need for freedom, but someone who may struggle achieving it. In this case there is a need to break free from a certain mould, from a certain belief that they can’t be true to themselves. On the other hand we can find people who take it to the opposite extreme, always position themselves on the side of the minority, constantly in a state of rebellion, which of course blocks the expression of their true self.

When it comes to relationships, Venus-Uranus needs a lot of freedom and space. They fall in love in a heartbeat, but they may sometimes struggle sustaining the interest. Often (and especially with the difficult aspects but also with the flowing ones), we find someone with a deep fear of commitment, a fear that if they settle down they will lose their independence and a part of their personality, of their individuality. They fear being absorbed by another person, being locked down, being prevented from exploring all their interests and passions.

If the person is conscious of it, it’s fine. They just need to acknowledge their needs and find someone who is fine with not putting labels (a lot of people stay together for their whole life but don’t get married for example), or someone who is ok with them disappearing for a few days, or fine with them traveling by themselves, or having a long distance relationship, or having a hobby of their own that consumes their time, and in some cases someone fine with an open relationship. Whatever the form it takes, the idea is that Venus - Uranus needs to feel that being in a relationship doesn't mean they will have to sacrifice what they love and their needs for space.

However if the person isn’t conscious of their deep needs, this is where it becomes a bit dysfunctional. They will either constantly break off their relationships (officially for diverse reasons, but in reality because of the fear to lose their freedom), or they will find partners upon which they project their own fears. For example, someone who repeatedly meet married prospects, someone who repeatedly find people who aren’t ready to commit. You’ll hear them say “I’m so unlucky, how is it possible to always find married people?”. In reality, Uranus – Venus isn’t brought to the conscious yet and their own fears of commitment pushes them to find people who conveniently don't want or can't settle.

If you have Venus - Uranus in your chart and struggle with finding the right relationship for you, ask yourself what is important for you (keeping your freedom, having an open relationship, being able to disappear, having a "safety room" in which you can retreat every now and then, whatever it is) and set clear boundaries in your relationships; this will help you find someone and stay with them while remain true to yourself.

If you're dating someone with Venus - Uranus, ask them what they need to feel like they aren't losing themselves in the relationship and see if their needs are compatible with yours. Be honest with them as they are often very honest themselves.

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