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The Uranian personality type

Purple brain

The Uranian personality

Uranian personality type is wild and eccentric. They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and the Uranian walks that line every day.

Uranian personality type: Main characteristics


The Uranian, by definition of their character, is someone who is unlike conventions, unlike the norm, unlike what is expected. The Uranian is a pattern breaker and someone who is here to be different. Uranian are typically people who will break through some ceilings or through social expectations. There's a wide range of Uranians - from the entrepreneur to the free spirit who's travelling the world and refuses to choose one country, to the one who's crossdressing and pushing the boundaries of what is "expected". Whatever path the Uranian chooses, it is highly unconventional and focused on expressing their own unique perspective of the world.

The Uranian is the opposite of the Solar type - who wants to confirm, who wants to like and be liked. The Uranian couldn't give less of a thought about what you think of them. In fact, the more you dislike them the better, it means they did something right! They bothered the conventions! They bothered the people!

Lack of belonging

In all seriousness though, the Uranian does typically struggle with a sense of not belonging and being alone in the world. In its natural quest for fully authentic personal expression, free of social expectations and conformism, the Uranian finds it hard to find people to relate to. Uranians typically find themselves isolated or with friendships that are very specific to their unique interests. They can also find it difficult to "play by the rules" that are expected in social relationships and find themselves at odds with others.

If the rest of the chart balances it out this tendency to be unbending and unwilling to fit certain relationships norms, then the Uranian can enjoy an extremely rewarding life where they can express their disruptive energy in positive ways.


The Uranian sees the world through their unique lenses. They can solve problems no one else finds a solution for, because their brain and energy is unformatted. They typically either didn't receive formatting from their family of origin, or they rebelled so hard at against it they now refuse anything that attempts to box them in. Their energy is pure in the sense that it's pure intuition and pure creativity, free of conformism and traditionalism.


The Uranian often feels misunderstood - and they are. Their brain and way of seeing the world is just at odds with the "norm", so part of being a genius creative is to accept that the Uranian will always be the one "on the outs". The Uranian will usually use this sense of not belonging to create their own community, where all the other “weird ones” can join.


The Uranian tends to be highly intellectual and at times they can become almost robotic, losing touch with the emotional reality of their ideas. They can decide to start over … over and over … losing touch with the emotional cost of having so many ruptures in their foundations.


One of their main strengths is their resourcefulness. The Uranian is intelligent, intuitive, AND relies on their own resources to achieve their ideals. The Uranian is usually self-taught in everything they do as they value their own process above anything else. They do not mind taking the hard path as long as the path is THEIRS.

Example of a famous Uranian: Elon Musk

Elon Musk birth chart

When I think of Uranian energy, the first thing that pops into my head is Elon Musk.

Let's take a look at his Uranian placements:

- Mars in Aquarius

- North node in Aquarius

- Saturn in the 11th house

- Uranus conjunct IC/opposite MC

- Uranus square Sun

- Uranus square Mercury

Once again we don't know Elon personally, but we do know that he's been incredibly inventive and groundbreaking not only in his pursuit of electric cars with Tesla, but also with his project for space exploration, as well as his project for ground breaking projects with Neuralink. We also know he's been .... erratic to say the least, not only in his twitter activity but also possibly within his company (reports of employees have described him as ... Uranian.)

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