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Neptune transits: What they mean and how to navigate them


What Neptune Represents:

Neptune is often referred to as the "Mystic" or the "Dreamer" of the zodiac. It symbolizes spirituality, imagination, and the urge to dissolve boundaries. Neptune seeks unity, transcendence, and connection with the divine. It's associated with intuition, creativity, and the subconscious mind. Neptune's influence is subtle and elusive, often blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

What is a Transit:

In astrology, a transit occurs when a planet's current position in the sky forms an aspect to a point in an individual's birth chart. These transits represent the ongoing dialogue between the cosmic energies and our personal experiences. When Neptune forms significant aspects to planets or sensitive points in our birth charts, we undergo Neptune transits, which can profoundly impact our lives.

Typical Effects of Neptune Transits:

Dissolution of Boundaries: Neptune transits often dissolve boundaries, leading to experiences of unity and interconnectedness. This can be both enlightening and confusing, as it blurs the lines between self and other, reality and illusion.

Spiritual Awakening: Neptune transits can trigger spiritual awakenings, deepening our connection to the divine and our inner selves. This energy encourages us to explore mystical experiences, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Confusion and Deception: The energy of Neptune can be confusing and deceptive, leading to periods of uncertainty and illusion. During Neptune transits, we may experience confusion about our goals, relationships, or sense of purpose.

Sensitivity and Empathy: Neptune transits heighten sensitivity and empathy, making us more attuned to the emotions and needs of others. This can be a time of increased compassion and understanding.

Creativity and Inspiration: Neptune rules creativity, and during its transits, we may experience heightened inspiration and artistic expression. This energy encourages us to explore our creative talents and pursue artistic endeavors.

Escapism and Addiction: Neptune transits can also lead to escapism and addictive behaviors as we seek to avoid facing reality. It's important to be mindful of the potential for self-deception and to find healthy outlets for emotional release.

How to navigate a Neptune Transit:

Navigating Neptune transits requires discernment and spiritual grounding. It's essential to stay connected to reality while remaining open to the mystical experiences Neptune brings. Practices such as meditation, journaling, and artistic expression can help channel Neptune's energy in positive ways.

One of the main takeaways from a Neptune transit is: If it feels too good to be true, it is! Be mindful of illusions and grandiose ideas during this time and stick to reality when it comes to investing your heart, time or money.

Now is not a time to be sure of anything, so embrace the possibilities and explore. Confusion is allowing for exploration, and as much as uncertainty and confusion are uncomfortable states to be in, they are sometimes necessary.

Neptune-Sun Transit:

When Neptune aspects the Sun in our birth chart, our sense of self and identity may undergo profound changes. This can manifest as a spiritual awakening, a crisis of identity, or a period of confusion and uncertainty. Key events such as disillusionment, loss, or a deepening of spiritual beliefs may occur, prompting us to reevaluate who we are at a fundamental level. Embracing the process of self-discovery can lead to greater authenticity and spiritual growth.

Neptune transits to the Sun (especially hard aspects like conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and sometimes even quincunxes) represent a time of dissolution of the ego and a deepening of spiritual awareness. Now is a time where illusions you held about who you are will dissolve, leading to a humbling moment if you needed one, or a time of dissolution of certainties allowing for a more soulful understanding of who you are.

Real-life examples: I've seen a couple clients go through massive depression during transit of Neptune inconjunct their Sun, this one is a really hard one because our vitality and physical embodiment is Sun, so when Neptune forms a hard transit to it, you find a weakened immune system or a weakened mental and emotional state. Someone I know who was very full of himself ended up having to let go of the material things that gave him his "persona" which resulted in feeling deflated. A client reconverted from marketing to music!

Neptune-Moon Transit:

When Neptune aspects the Moon, our emotional life and inner world may undergo significant changes. This transit can bring heightened sensitivity, intuitive insights, and a deepening of emotional connections. However, it can also lead to confusion, emotional overwhelm, or a desire to escape reality. Relationships may undergo shifts, leading to greater compassion and empathy or disillusionment and disappointment.

Personal examples: A whole lot of men have Neptune in aspect to their Moon when they meet a woman they will have a long-term relationship with. I've come to think it's because their emotions are free flowing and all channels are open during this transit! Less positively, it's not uncommon for people to experience a low grade depression during this time. It's typically a time of grieving and can be related to an actual loss or to nothing specific - longing, yearning and moping. The last possibility I've seen personally with this transit is people indulging in substances, which I've actually seen more specifically with the trine of Neptune to Moon!

Neptune-Mercury Transit:

Neptune-Mercury transits stimulate our mental processes and communication style, leading to heightened intuition and creativity. This transit can bring inspired ideas, vivid dreams, or a desire to explore mystical subjects. However, it can also lead to confusion, misunderstandings, or difficulty in expressing ourselves clearly. It's important to stay grounded and discerning in our thoughts and communications during this transit.

Personal examples: This isn't a transit that I've seen bringing events specific enough that I could recount here specifical tales, but I've definitely seen people during this transit feeling confused, lost, and almost deceiving others, not intentionally, but simply because they are confused themselves.

Neptune-Venus Transit:

When Neptune aspects Venus, our relationships, values, and sense of beauty may undergo profound changes. This transit can bring romantic idealism, spiritual connections, or disillusionment in love. We can see the dissolving of a romantic union, leaving us disappointed and confused, or we can meet someone who is a dream (whether or not the dream is real is yet another question.) It challenges us to see beyond surface appearances and embrace the deeper, spiritual aspects of our relationships. However, it can also lead to confusion, romantic fantasies, or a tendency to idealize others.

Personal examples: A client discovered her husband was having an affair and divorced of her 20 years-long marriage. Another client met the man of her dream and sailed unto the sunset. A few clients had Neptune square Venus and had disappointing experiences with partners who were unavailable, deceptive, or disappeared out of thin air.

Neptune-Mars Transit:

Neptune-Mars transits energize our drive and ambition, but they can also lead to confusion and uncertainty. This transit can bring inspired action, creative pursuits, or a desire to pursue spiritual goals. However, it can also lead to indecision, procrastination, or a lack of motivation. It's important to stay focused and disciplined in pursuing our goals while remaining open to the intuitive guidance Neptune offers.

Personal examples: A client had a "mysterious illness" during a transit of Neptune square her Mars that had her bed-ridden. When the transit ended, the mysterious illness disappeared with it. Neptune drains, and Mars is our energy and life force, so it's not uncommon to see these symptoms. A client ended their lifelong career and started an ambitious business related to water-activities! I'm unsure what the business became as I didn't have a follow up, but it surely fit the grandiose (and risky) Neptune-Mars description!

Another client became an actor during Neptune trine Mars!

Neptune-Jupiter Transit:

When Neptune aspects Jupiter, our beliefs, ideals, and opportunities for growth may undergo significant changes. This transit can bring spiritual expansion, philosophical insights, or a desire for adventure and exploration. It challenges us to question our beliefs, broaden our horizons, and embrace new experiences. However, it can also lead to confusion, idealism, or a tendency to overindulge in escapist behaviors. It's important to stay grounded and discerning in our pursuit of growth and expansion during this transit. Personal examples: I don't actually have a specific example, as I do recall a few clients having this but no one ever had anything more specific to report than a "spiritual awakening". It's definitely potent enough, but I don't have anything more tangible than what they reported!

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