Transits in Astrology: What to expect and how to learn from it

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This is the sign

Once you get a bit more advanced in Astrology, you enter the world of transits. Transits are the movements of the planets in the sky at a given moment and how they apply to your natal chart. For example, if you have a planet at 21° Capricorn, right now Pluto is conjunct it!

Some transits are short; some are slow. We're more interested by the long term transits as they're the one which will have a profound impact on your life and psyche.

It leaves us with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and of course the Nodes and Chiron! Mars transits are also interesting to track but they act as detonators and not so much any long lasting lesson. Let's review what the transits of these planets want from you and how to get out of it alive!


A transit of Jupiter expands, highlights, reorganizes. It's well known that "Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands", and this is true for better or for worse! You can also add the word "reorganize" as well as "legalize" to the potion to understand better what Jupiter is going to bring to the table!

Often I find separations, or marriages when Jupiter transits the 7th House. In both cases it reorganized, officialized - Granted not in the same direction.

Whatever Jupiter conjuncts will be highlighted and magnified; whatever Jupiter squares / opposed will be reorganized, whatever Jupiter trines / sextiles will be supported and facilitated.

Transits of Jupiter bring optimism, confidence, and sometimes arrogance. Opportunities arise and they are meant to put you in the right direction, whatever this direction is or whether you like it or not is not Jupiter's concern.

You'll find these transits to be in general lucky and positive; and again the notion of positive is only on a broad and long-term perspective, not on a perspective of what you're wishing for at the moment - Planets don't care for that.


When Saturn transits the natal chart it wants us to ground, mature, slow down and be responsible. Difficult aspects of Saturn may end situations that aren't valid anymore, it slows us down because it wants us to think about things twice, it wants us to understand where we failed, where we took the wrong path, or where we might need to be more responsible and grow. We can't do that running around like chicken without heads; and that's when Saturn intervene and says kiddo, slow down and look at what you've done?

Saturn can feel heavy and suffocating or grounding and stabilizing, depending on the planets involved and the aspects. It also depends on your own relationship to Saturn; typically Capricorn people have less difficulties dealing with Saturn than let's say a Pisces or you have Neptune square Sun in your natal chart.

Saturn might make you feel depressed and that's because Saturn is showing you your own limitations and your own reality - Sometimes we need to explore all of something and realize it does not work in order to look for solutions outside of our previous range of possibilities.

Saturn transits are dreaded but ... if you're dreading Saturn, you're dreading reality. The only difficult thing about Saturn is that it shows us life, people, us - as we are. Saturn doesn't do anything else than showing us things for what they are - and so of course, if you have been lying to yourself, and hoping wishing without following through with actions to support your dreams, Saturn can feel pretty cruel. But it's not.


Uranus breaks free, that means breaking free of a situation that wasn't valid anymore, breaking free of limitations, breaking free of a mode of experience we don't value anymore. Typically Uranus is sudden, "crazy". Events come out of the blue, emotions are wild and scattered, we feel like the floor is opening underneath our feet and we have no control over it.

Uranus transits always talk about a time during which you are becoming yourself - Not the self you slowly decided to adopt because society, partners, friends, jobs told you you had to be that way - The real you hidden inside screaming to get out.

Uranus is fundamentally authentic and its transits will always work on revealing this authenticity to you. They will also reveal to you your needs for independence, space, authenticity, freedom, and change.

Difficult transits of Uranus often represents the end of a period; new beginnings.

If the transit is challenging (square, opposition, conjunction) you might fight the urge and resist the changes, of course creating more difficulties than necessary. If the transit is easy than you might find it exhilarating and exciting.

You might not recognize yourself during such transit, and it's because the real you is taking over. You might not be keen on compromising, you may feel that whatever you feel has to be happening here and now. It's impetuous and liberating.


Neptune transits are always about checking your perceptions, your delusions and your dreams. Are you idealistic or delusional? Are you projecting or living it? Are you in touch with your compassion and spirituality?

Neptune will often dissolve situations, bring a veil on a situation or lift a veil on a situation - slowly though. Neptune transits feel like a dream - Did I just dream that? It's basically he exact opposite of Saturn. When Saturn is a reality check in order to shake you out of your delusions, Neptune is an entirely different lesson. It comes, and it confuses, blurs, dissolves. Why? Because through this temporary confusion and uncertainty, you are offered the possibility of questioning your certitudes and your path. Perhaps, you've been in your career for 10 years and you're SURE this is what you want and who you are. When suddenly Neptune comes in - knock knock, are you truly sure? And perhaps, uncharacteristically, you decide to leave this situation. It can feel like a loss - but it's not. It's a reorientation to be truer to your spiritual goals.


Pluto transits are really easy to recognize in my opinion, and if you've been through one or two you can probably even recognize it in other people's life. Someone will tell you: "I've done this crazy thing (usually something highly destructive) and I feel like I've gone insane, but I can't stop". Sounds about right.

Pluto transits are the most ruthless, as they all have the same component: Something / Some things will be destroyed, period. These things might lie within you, or these things can be external (like a situation, a person, a job). When you are in the initial phase of the Pluto transit, things will be taken away from you by external circumstances, or you'll be the one destroying situations yourself. No one likes to hear about destruction and loss, it triggers vivid fears within us - which is exactly what Pluto is about. As you're reading my words, you're probably already spinning your wheels asking yourself what you could possibly lose and how to prevent it.

As someone who has been through a Pluto transit non stop since 2014 I can tell you - there is absolutely no way of preventing anything. And I do understand the anxiety that comes with it , I really do, but I've grown wiser.

Pluto triggers our need for control and our fear of death and change. Everyone will tell you "but I don't fear death" - you do, but it takes different forms. So when Pluto comes and take something from us or forces us to let go of something we absolutely DO NOT want to let go of, we resist, and the more we resist - the harder it is.

Pluto transit teach you the hard way how to let go - some people go through these transits without learning the lesson. Things are taken, things are rebuilt, but you haven't learned how to let go. And that's part of the game - no one is forced to learn anything. I know myself I haven't fully learned that lesson after so many years of it - but I'm getting there.

However there is no particular cruelty in Pluto transits. What is taken away, the hardship and crisis that you go through, as painful and awful as it can be, you realize years later how necessary it was. Of course, if you don't focus on what lesson was to learn and if you don't learn it - it really feel unnecessary and daunting.

Pluto transits usually occur in 3 to 5 passages, and usually, 70% of it is just plain crazy making and destructive. The 30% left is the end of the transit, where after the hurricane destroyed everything on its path, you're offered to rebuild. Don't scoff at the silver lining, it truly is beautiful. After a Pluto transit you have the opportunity to discover strength, resilience, power, which you would have never dreamt to have before the transit. Pluto is a game changer, but it does require hard efforts.

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