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Transits of Uranus to the birth chart

Lightening bolt

What are transits?

In astrology, transits refer to how the planets in the sky move and interact with the planets in your birth chart. These transits can activate different points in your chart and bring about certain themes or energies in your life.

Transits of Uranus

Uranus is often referred to as the "Great Awakener" and is associated with sudden changes, breakthroughs, and liberation. When Uranus transits a planet or point in your birth chart, it can bring about unexpected experiences that shake up your routine and push you towards personal growth and evolution.

Depending on which planet or point Uranus is transiting, the effects can be different for each individual. For example, if Uranus is transiting your natal Sun, you might feel a strong desire for freedom and self-expression, and you may want to break free from any limitations or restrictions that have been holding you back. If Uranus is transiting your natal Venus, you might experience sudden changes in your relationships or financial situation, and you may feel a desire for more excitement and novelty in your life.

Overall, a Uranus transit can be both exciting and disruptive, and it's important to stay open and adaptable to whatever changes come your way during this time. It's worth noting that the effects of a Uranus transit can extend beyond the exact date of the transit itself and may influence your life for several months or even years. Not only the exact duration of the transit depends on your birth chart and exact placements, the interpretation of the transit is also highly dependent on the exact composition of your birth chart. It is impossible to give an exact interpretation without doing a professional transit reading, however, we can delineate themes and overall energies of each transit of Uranus.

Uranus transiting birth chart planets

Uranus transiting natal Sun:

Your sense of ego and identity is being drastically altered. Things you have used up until now to define yourself are now becoming obsolete. Significant parts of your identity will be released so that you can become truer to your new self. Any tendency to conform to conventions and expectations will now be diminished to let your authentic self shine. Period of time where you can be anti-conformist, rebellious, and make choices that disrupt the status quo and surprise others. As your identity is being freed and reshaped, your life goals might very well shift abruptly.

Uranus transiting natal Moon:

Your emotional self is being drastically altered. Emotional patterns and coping mechanisms you had up until now are being freed and released so that you can emerge more mature and authentic to your true needs. Patterns from childhood might be released + you are experiencing a greater need for freedom, authenticity, mobility and adventure. It's very common during this transit to relocate, further from family typically but sometimes closer. Your domestic life is going through a liberating change + there is a greater sense of being connected to one's intuition. It's quite common to experience a sudden breakup, a sudden relocation, or meeting someone unexpectedly and forming

Uranus transiting natal Mercury:

Your mind is being drastically altered. The ways you use to see, perceive, make sense of the world are being altered. Typically can represent a period of time where someone "awakens” to new ways of thinking and communicating. Represents a period of time where sudden new ideas might propel you forward. Your mind is innovative, creative, thinking in ways that are original and can therefore bring you success. Changes in location are possible, as well as sudden new contracts heading your way.

Uranus transiting natal Venus:

Your values are going through a drastic change. What you find beautiful, pleasant, valuable and worthy is going through a change and awakening. Your aeshtetic, your lifestyle, how you want to earn money and spend money is going through a change. The people you value and want to form relationships with might also be going through a change. With this aspect we are awakening to a new way of living and being, which has far reaching consequences. Relationships can begin, end, or transform drastically and suddenly. "Love at first sight" is common during this transit. Relationships tend to begin suddenly or in unconventional fashion.

Uranus transiting natal Mars:

Your drive and masculine energy is going through a drastic change. At this time, you have an enormous drive for freedom and mobility. This typically push people to start their own ventures act in ways that will promote freedom in their life. There is a sense of being erratic, impatient and easily frustrated, which can cause errors and accidents. On the other hand, it also pushes you to find creative solutions and shortcuts to your existing problems. One is likely to try new ways of getting what they want, innovating and working "smarter". It can be a period of sexual experimentation as well, and probably the best aspect for starting a business - especially if tech or online.

Uranus transiting natal Jupiter:

Your worldviews and beliefs are going through a drastic change. This transit is best explained as "sudden aha-moments” that change your life. They can happen without any prompts or through a trip, studies or marriage. There is a sense of experiencing leaps of growth through a liberation and drastic + sudden alteration of one's beliefs.

Uranus transiting the houses

Uranus transiting the 1st House: Becoming eccentric, more authentic, rebellious, anti-conformist. Wind of freedom. Sense of liberation and empowerment.

Uranus transiting the 2nd House: Drastic changes in your relationship to money possessions and income. Likely to start a side business, an online business, start freelancing. Values evolving toward more idealism and more innovation. Embracing a state of financial freedom

Uranus transiting the 3rd House: Drastic changes in one's mind and communication patterns. Going through genius ideas + having eccentric ideas. Having a drastic change in one's voice, writing, or intellectual content.

Uranus transiting the 4th House: Sudden relocation or uprooting. Moving away / back to family. Unstable housing or frequent changes. Drastic changes in one's emotional makeup - a sense of shedding childhood conditioning.

Uranus transiting the 5th House: Massive changes in how one expresses themselves - sense of fashion, hobbies, way of talking or even seducing/charming. Changes in friends group + social dynamics. Lots of romantic prospects and/or unusual/eccentric prospects. Possible sudden pregnancy.

Uranus transiting the 6th House:: Routine and lifestyle going through massive changes. Possibly working contracts, freelance, online, or altering drastically how one organizes their day/life. Embracing alternative healing or alternative lifestyles.

Uranus transiting the 7th House: Unpredictable shifts in relationships / other people behaving in erratic ways. Relationships can suddenly begin, end, or drastically change under this transit. Relationships must respect freedom and interdependence to work under this transit.

Uranus transiting the 8th House: Massive insights in one's psyche. Breakthroughs in therapy. Sudden inheritance, sudden loan or investment. Unpredictable events related to investments and shared assets.

Uranus transiting the 9th House: Sudden trips or journeys abroad. Sudden redirections/changes in studies. Sense of spiritual awakening or broad and drastic changes in one's beliefs and life philosophies. Unpredictable events related to immigration or legal affairs.

Uranus transiting the 10th House: Drastic changes in career (changing company or entire field). Unexpected new beginnings, endings or massive transformation in one's career, public image, status. Shifting career toward entrepreneurship, freelancing, tech industries.

Uranus transiting the 11th House:: Changes in one's relationship to groups, communities, friendships, and online groups/communities. Sudden changes in networking and overall relationship to forming connections with other people. Success can be found online/in networks.

Uranus transiting the 12th House:: Sudden and far-reaching insights and breakthroughs when it comes to one's psyche and self-defeating habits. Development of intuitive abilities. Overall awakening to the spiritual world.

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