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Pluto in hard aspect to Moon: In the birth chart, in transit, in synastry

Holding hand bonding

How does Pluto in aspect to Moon influence you when you find this aspect in the birth chart, by transit or by synastry?

Pluto in aspect to Moon has been a particular focus of mine as of late, as I went through the Pluto square Moon transit, which was for me a spectacular emotional transformation. If you're interested in Pluto - Moon transit, I recommend you read this post, as the themes are exactly the same except experienced temporarily.

As it also often happens when you go through a particular Astrological energy in your life, I ended up surrounded by people who either have Scorpio Moon or Pluto in aspect to Moon, ah. So here I am today, exploring Pluto in hard aspect to Moon in the birth chart.

What is Pluto in Astrology?

Pluto has to do with attraction and repulsion, addiction and compulsion, fear of loss, change, and the unknown. What a program! Pluto, in its higher energy, represents a connection to your inner power, which allows you to develop strength, resiliency, and a capacity to uplift others and power through life. As well, Pluto promises the integration of the shadow, which represents wholeness and goodness. Massive program!

What is Moon in Astrology?

Moon, gentle and vulnerable Moon, is so foreign to all of these themes, but at the same time, Moon and Pluto share much more in common than meets the eye. Moon represents childhood conditioning, when you're at a tender age, absorbing everything around you, operating at an entirely subconscious and emotional level, when you're dependent on your caregivers for your survival. That's Moon energy, dependency, emotional bonding, nurturance, safety and familiarity.

Pluto in aspect to Moon in the birth chart

When someone has Pluto conjunct, opposite, or square Moon in their birth chart, there is everything Plutonian, mixed with everything Lunar.

Often it presents itself as someone who has: - A strong tendency to experience emotional push and pull (difficult relationship to intimacy, back and forth emotionally, difficulty staying grounded emotionally) - A strong tendency to experience emotional addiction (to your own emotions or someone else's) - A strong tendency to experience primal panic, anxiety crises, or emotions so intense it creates a sense of fear, death, loss of control (which can be summed up as panic attacks) - A strong tendency to experience a sense of having to be in control, having to control emotions, having to repress emotions, keep a lid over emotions but also emotional needs - An extreme fear of loss, change, unknown, death (which can show up in very subtle ways) - Tendency to have a compulsive attitude towards preventing emotional change or loss - Tendency to resort to emotional manipulation (not in a villain-type of way, more so as difficulty with being vulnerable and open)

We can speculate on the reasons as to why this happened. Often, there is something dysfunctional in the family of origins, somewhat similarly to Pluto in the 4th house, with either a very bonded emotional system but one that is unhealthy, imbalanced, demanding or controlling; or, there were elements in the family/environment that created a sense of lack of safety. Regardless, the person is often left growing up with intense and powerful emotions that overwhelm them. Moon wants to be safe above all - and Pluto wants to destroy. That's easy to see how someone with Pluto and Moon in difficult aspects would be having a lot of difficulties with feeling safe emotionally because this safety will usually only occur after a massive emotional destruction and reconstruction happens - not a happy program. All of what I described above steam from this difficulty with feeling safe. Moon-Pluto is all about safety, and safety occurs in safe and healthy relationships, which are difficult to achieve usually with this aspect as there is a lack of a model for what a healthy relationship looks like. So often, the person indulges in relationships that are unhealthy but very intense and dramatic emotionally, which resonates well with their natural tendency to have emotional outbursts and intense emotions.

Very often we find people who are at polar opposites: Either, someone so terrified of their own emotional world that they keep everything really tight, hidden, repressed (Often happens with the conjunction of Pluto and Moon), or we find someone who feels helpless, dominated by their intense emotional swings. In both cases, learning that there is nothing wrong with them or their emotion is a first step towards healing, as it then comes down to learning how to cope with the ebbs and flow. I've often witnessed Moon-Pluto be associated with emotional addiction, which can be surprisingly linked to OCD, as it is an obsessive behaviour which occurs because there has been an emotional reward associated with the behaviours, hence, an emotional addiction. What's very interesting for both OCD and any type of compulsive behaviours (you can have a compulsion without having OCD and vice versa) is that release comes from acceptance and not from more control. You cannot control a compulsion by obsessing over not having one, that's entirely impossible. Do note, I'm not a specialist nor am I a medical practitioner, so please do see a therapist and in particular a trauma-informed therapist if you need help, but on an Astrological perspective, which is what I'm debating here, it's very interesting to notice the patterns between compulsions (Pluto) and emotional rewards (Moon) and how someone with these two planets tucked in together can experience this theme more intensely. Another way emotional addiction shows up is behaviours that are destructive (Pluto) and are meant, subconsciously, to keep up a sense of chaos, which might be familiar. Moon rules the familiar, so with Moon-Pluto we can be comfortable in chaos. There can be a tendency to self-destruct emotionally, either by sabotaging emotional relationships, or by choosing relationships that cannot thrive emotionally.

Another thing with Pluto-Moon is often this tendency to have difficulties with being emotionally open and present in an intimate relationship. Once the transit is integrated, it is meant to become the person's strongest point, a capacity to not only receive but also emit emotional connection, emotional responsiveness and presence. Often though, and especially with the hard aspects, there is such a fear of losing control, of being "exposed", vulnerable, with the underbelly in the open, that the emotional connection is limited. You'll find a good capacity to be emotionally resilient, to endure pain, but usually there is more difficulty to sustain intimacy in a non-dramatic way, which can feel numb, or dull.

Sometimes, you'll find someone who continuously chooses very "dramatic" partners, who tend to act out for the Plutonian person all of the emotions they are not comfortable (yet) with expressing. Once something tips the person off and pushes them in the direction of releasing the emotional pressure, great vulnerability can be achieved and as the control is released, relationships improve.

Pluto and Moon actually have a lot in common, in the sense that they both want emotional bonding, however, Moon does it by nurturing and caring, while Pluto tends to choose the path of control and manipulation, as the fear is heightened. Once Pluto is done shedding its layers, though, Pluto will do everything in its power to maintain an emotional connection - to death.

Do I have Pluto-Moon in my birth chart?

To find out if you have Moon and Pluto in aspect in your birth chart, you must pull your astrology chart. You can do so by using our free astrology chart calculator. You'll also get access to a free birth chart report.

Pluto transiting Moon in the birth chart

When Pluto transits the Moon in an individual's birth chart, it's a potent and transformative astrological event. This transit occurs over an extended period, sometimes spanning several years, and it brings profound changes to the emotional landscape and inner world. If you want to read about my personal experience with this transit, you can find it here.

Here's what you can expect during Pluto's transit of the Moon:

Intense emotional transformations: Pluto's influence on the Moon triggers intense emotional experiences and profound inner changes. This transit often unearths buried emotions and unresolved issues, pushing individuals to confront their deepest fears and desires. Quite often, the transit will provoke an intense fear of loss and death, conscious or subconscious.

Purging and regeneration: Pluto's energy is associated with destruction and rebirth. During this transit, you may find yourself shedding old emotional patterns, relationships, and attachments that no longer serve your growth. This purging process clears the way for emotional regeneration and healing. You might feel the urge to prevent this from happening, causing a lot of suffering.

Psychological depth: Pluto's influence encourages self-analysis and a deep dive into the subconscious. You may uncover hidden emotions, trauma, and psychological wounds that require healing and transformation.

Power struggles: Pluto transits can sometimes trigger power struggles in personal relationships, particularly with family members or those close to you. Emotional control and manipulation issues may surface, requiring resolution. Often these powerful emotional confrontations are connected to a mother or feminine figure.

Emotional resilience: As you navigate Pluto's intense energies, you'll develop greater emotional resilience and a heightened ability to manage life's challenges. This transit fosters emotional strength and the capacity to confront difficult emotions.

Transcendence: The ultimate goal of Pluto's transit to the Moon is personal transformation and emotional transcendence. By facing your emotional depths and embracing change, you can emerge from this transit with a more profound understanding of yourself and your emotional life.

It's important to note that Pluto transits can be challenging, as they often involve facing uncomfortable truths and emotional upheaval. Seeking support through therapy, self-reflection, or other healing modalities can be beneficial during this transformative period.

If you're interested in exploring your own timelines & upcoming events or learning more about predictions in astrology, we offer in-depth transit readings and an astrology course to learn how to form predictions.

Pluto in Aspect to Moon in Synastry

In synastry, the interaction between Pluto and the Moon in a relationship's birth chart can be intense and transformative. Contacts between Pluto and Moon in synastry indicate closeness, bonding, and ofen a profound fear of losing each other.

Harmonious aspects (Sextile and Trine): When Pluto forms harmonious aspects to the Moon in synastry, such as the sextile or trine, the relationship tends to have deep emotional bonds and transformative potential. Both individuals can support each other in personal growth and emotional healing. These aspects foster a sense of emotional trust, vulnerability, and shared intensity, contributing to emotional depth within the relationship.

Challenging aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx): Challenging aspects between Pluto and the Moon in synastry bring complex dynamics to the relationship. The conjunction can intensify emotional connection but may also lead to power struggles and emotional control issues. Squares and oppositions can result in emotional conflict and transformational challenges. There is a deep fear of losing one another and perhaps a tendency to play on the fear to get what one wants.

The quincunx can indicate a need for adjustment in understanding each other's emotional needs. These aspects demand open communication, self-awareness, and a willingness to address power imbalances and emotional intensity within the relationship.

Pluto-Moon aspects in synastry often point to profound changes in the emotional dynamics between individuals. While they can be intense and challenging, they offer the potential for deep emotional healing, growth, and transformation when approached with awareness and a commitment to mutual understanding.

If you're interested in exploring your own synastry connections or learning more about compatibility in astrology, we offer in-depth synastry readings and an astrology course to help you delve into the fascinating world of astrological relationships.

Pluto-Moon books recommendations

If you have Pluto and Moon in hard aspect in your birth chart, here's a list of suggested books that will probably help you enter or continue your journey of emotional shedding: - Hold me tight - Attached - 7 levels of intimacy - Getting the love you want

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Nov 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow that was cathartic


Jul 09, 2023

For some reason, people that i tend to attract have pluto aspects to their moon. I believe it might be related to having chiron 7th in aspect to my pluto, my venus, and possibly my ascendant(inconjunct)


Jessica Cermak
Jessica Cermak
Sep 17, 2022

Emotional shedding, eh? well someone finally put into words (worded in a way that makes me go aha I get it) what I’ve been going thru my whole life. I’m Cap moon (12th house) with applying square to Pluto in Libra (in a Tsquare with Venus btw) and chart ruler daddy Saturn in the 8th house also in the tsquare). My volatile marriage with a man that has Pluto oppose his Aries moon (square my Cap moon and opp my Pluto!) has been draining and exhilarating but I want peace and I think I’m ready for it. As pluto sits (demolishes/transforms/devastates ) on my ascendant at 26’ capricorn makes no better time. thank u.


Sep 23, 2021

Very thankful that my daughter was not born just one day earlier - she would have had this aspect if she was.

Apr 20
Replying to

My daughters Pluto squares my moon. And it shows up as an intense fear of her dying bc my love as her mother and all mothers is incredibly deep. I've already had to reflect on transforming my fears into courage and not parent her from a place of fear. ( example: She picked up a pair of kitchen scissors from the utensil bucket trying to help me unload the dishwasher and I had a knee jerk reaction). Sometimes I don't think it's direct conflict sometimes it shows up as the mothers deepest fears and them parenting from fear versus love and logic.


Jul 18, 2021

My Natal Chart / Planet Position/Houses:

* Pluto in Scorpio on cusp of 11/12 houses

* Pluto □ Sun (Cancer/8th House)

* Pluto □ Moon (Capricorn/2nd House)

* Thusly I also have Natal Sun □ Moon

* I should leave this with the other details in the trauma article bc it seems this is an area you're interested in as well and I have strong aspects with Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter as well. I know many people have someone these aspects but I was told early (before I knew what a Natal chart was) that I'd "...face a lot of transformation that would come through tribulation and trials..." which is a polite way to try and hide th…

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