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Pluto transit to Sun: Discovering your inner power

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What is an Astrology Transit

In astrology, a transit refers to the movement of a planet, in relation to a specific point in an individual's birth chart. Transits are essential in understanding how the current positions of planets impact a person's natal chart and influence their life events and experiences. These transits provide insights into the timing and nature of various life developments, such as for example, determining when you will meet someone.

What is a Transit of Pluto

Pluto is a powerful and transformative planet associated with profound changes, rebirth, and personal growth. When Pluto transits a particular point in an individual's birth chart, it signifies a period of intense transformation and evolution. If the transit is a hard aspect, it can represent a period of losses, endings, destruction and significant challenges. Pluto's influence is often associated with deep psychological processes and significant life events.

How to Find Your Transits

To identify the transits affecting your birth chart, you can use an astrological software or consult with a professional astrologer by ordering a transit reading. The exact positions of the planets and their aspects to your natal planets are crucial in understanding the potential effects of transits in your life. Additionally, you can learn how to track your transits and predicting your own timelines and future by taking our Astrology course: Learn the art of predicting.

Hard transit of Pluto to Sun: Conjunction, Square, opposition, quincunx

Let’s start by taking a look at the two planets involved in this transit: Pluto and the Sun. The Sun is a symbol of our power source. It is the central point in the chart and a representation of our inner drive, ego and personality. On the other hand, Pluto is a symbol of power, transformation and intense personal growth.

When the transit Pluto forms hard aspects to Sun in a birth chart, it means that the energies of these two powerful and far-reaching planets are clashing rather than flowing together. It can bring about a sense of inner tension, wariness and conflict. This can manifest in a variety of ways in the person’s life.

Challenging transits of Pluto are always extremely difficult, and the hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx) to your Sun can/will bring a lot of pain. But don’t run away yet, these transits are also one of the most rewarding.

Pluto in hard transit to the Sun talks about tearing apart the person you were. The ego is going to suffer greatly, and it probably needed it. Maybe you were somehow fragile and needed a boost to discover your inner strengths, or maybe you were too full of yourself and needed a reality check. Or maybe you were a little bit of both, and the transit of Pluto to your sun, although carries its share of pain, will give the strength, power and wisdom to live up to the future challenges you will encounter. The personality needed some adjustments and once the transit is over, the person you were will have nothing in common with the person you became. And this is for the best.

The challenges that you will encounter will expose you and make you feel and be more vulnerable. Pluto’s challenges come in all forms and shapes. Depending on where your Sun is and what it rules, you’ll have more indication on what theme will be involved.

This transit always talks about a test of power and strength. Events and/or people are going to represent these tests. People and situations you encounter now will significantly alter the direction of your life and goals.

Someone could have conflicting goals with you and try to force your hand.

Deep conflicts with the father (and authority in general) could arise and change your relationship significantly. People could just want to control and undermine you, and you’ll have to fight back to protect yourself. Situations will push you to find your inner strength and develop more inner power. Maybe it’s your career and your relationship with superiors and bosses. This could mean experiencing issues at work, leading towards a better professional attitude, whether it means working for yourself, changing field, or changing the way you approach your professional life.

Pluto transits to Sun: What to expect

  • Conflicts with bosses, father figures, husband, male figure

  • Power struggles leading to empowerment

  • Discovering your own darker sides

  • Meeting a significant male figure who will alter the course of your life and identity

  • Death of a male figure (rare)

  • Breakup with a male figure due to power struggles

  • Major life changes leading to a new identity

Fluid transit of Pluto to Sun: Sextile, trine

In the more harmonious trine and sextile aspects of Pluto to the Sun, the transformative process can be smoother. However, the essence of this transit retains the potential for personal growth, empowerment, and self-discovery.

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