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The Quincunx / Inconjunct: This is no minor aspect

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Quincunx: A minor aspect?

Since I started studying Astrology, I have been told that quincunxes were minor aspects and that they weren’t that important. But as my experience expands, I keep encountering this aspect in birth charts, synastry, and transits, and can’t help but notice its importance. The quincunx (otherwise called inconjunct) is an aspect formed when two planets are 150° apart (3 degrees orb allowed) or 6 signs away.

What does a quincunx do?

Every Astrologer out there tends to sratch their head when you ask them about a quincunx, me included! But 7 years later I'm back to editing this blog post with my newfound knowledge. See, it's been 7 years that I observe quincunxes in birth chart, in synastry and in transits, and I now have a rounder and more insightful opinion on what they are and what they do.

A quincunx feels like a very mild form of a square. If a square is the equivalent to having a flu, which requires of you that you actually stay in bed and heal, the quincunx is the equivalent to having a persistent mild cold with no particular identifiable symptom yet a persisting fatigue and a mild cough. Not enough to move you to the doctor's office, enough to be inconvenient.

Quincunx in the birth chart

A quincunx in the birth chart can be interpreted as a mild form of a square, something that is bothering you in the background, an itch to scratch, a dis.ease, an ill.ness. If you have a quincunx, you can look at the interpretation of a square, and see it as a milder version of it, something that is less intense, less tangible, and yet something that persists throughout the years as there is a lack of urgency or motivation to address the discomfort. A few keywords that I can think of to describe a quincunx:

  • Bittersweet

  • Discomfort

  • Itchy

  • Manifesting as an illness, disease, physical manifestation

Venus quincunx Saturn: Example case

I personally have one quincunx in my birth chart, and it is Venus quincunx Saturn. As I've watched myself throughout my life, I've definitely noticed a few patterns that I can attribute to this aspect in my natal chart. I'm definitely someone who is anxious in relationships and anxious of separation, but it's not something that has ruined my relationships either or something that I particularly act on. The feelings of anxiety and fears are almost ever constant, but I'm not acting on them. I've also noticed a tendency to experience self-consciousness and sense of inadequacy, but once again, not enough to prevent me from putting myself out there or pursuing the things I'd like to purse. I also noticed that every single time I've experienced a separation in my life (Saturn) I've had a manifestation on my skin (Venus). For every breakup, I've had impressive skin rashes or a persistent glaring pimple located right in the middle of my check. I'm not someone who has ever experienced problems with health nor with skin, so it's definitely noteworthy that every separation has been glorified with a skin manifestation.

If I think of people who have Venus square Saturn, I can see that the degree to which they carry this energy is significantly stronger than mine. But I also noticed that my Venus quincunx Saturn has been pretty resistant to any change through time, whereas squares are often things people can work on fairly effectively with effort and consciousness.

Quincunx in synastry


I've seen a lot of quincunxes in synastry and I've seen it in a lot of happy couples, it's definitely enough to get my interest. In my own relationship, my Stellium in Libra is quincunx his Stellium, in Taurus. My very first boyfriend was also a stellium in Taurus! Granted, both Venus and Taurus are Venusian and do share strong similarities. A close friend who is a stellium in Aquarius is married to a woman with a Stellium in Virgo. If I look for similarities between all of these relationships, I would say all unions are formed by partners who are different enough yet not incompatible. In synastry, I'd say the quincunx is the sign of differences that cause some friction, but not enough friction to cause havoc on the relationship. Friction creates attraction and chemistry, but too much friction creates conflict and incompatibility. I think the quincunx seem to be a sweet spot of "I sometimes want to struggle them yet I adore them."

Do bear in mind that just like any aspect that represents some degree of friction, the partners need to be mature and skilled at addressing conflict for the relationship to be sustainable. But relationships without any conflict or friction tend to feel dull and/or lack in chemistry.

Quincunx by transit

I can speak of this one from my personal experience as I have been having Uranus inconjunct my Libra stellium for the last couple of years. It truly feels like a watered-down version of what I was experiencing during the opposition.

Transit Uranus quincunx Moon

So for example, when I had Uranus transit opposite Moon, I moved in with someone from the beginning of the relationship and we stayed together 4 years. We were an "instant family" and it was fun and exciting.

During the quincunx, I also had a "love at first sight" experience, and we spent every day together from the day we met. That relationship broke down a few months later, but it was similar, just less tangible. For the second passage of Uranus quincunx my Moon, I was already in another relationship and we moved in together when Uranus was quincunx my Moon!

Transit Uranus quincunx Sun

I sport a Uranus square Sun in my birth chart, so I'm already quite attuned to the energy of it and can be quite rebellious, independent, strong-willed and disruptive. When Uranus was opposite my Sun, I became estranged from my father and relocated to a different country. Bold decisions that altered the course of my life as well as my own perception of myself in my head. I became "fatherless" in my head (although it was not an objective reality.) When transit Uranus was quincunx my Sun, I reconnected with my dad. It wasn't planned, and it effectively reconnected our broken relationship.

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Mark A. Calvi
Mark A. Calvi
Feb 26, 2021

Quincunx is either side of the opposite. Ive read that where the opposite recharges/balances, before the opposite there is an improvement of some kind that is being introduced: Capricorn improves Leo

After the opposite, there is a change that is brought about: Pisces changes Leo.

Any thoughts?

Justin W
Justin W
Mar 11, 2021
Replying to

I erased my earlier comment, but when you understand that there is a 6th-8th House type connection between these Signs, then you can understand it better. It's the practical service/health--transformation aspect to overly sum it up. And in synastry, one side experiences/feels one of those, while the other feels/experiences the other side.


Feb 01, 2021

Great article, thanks for bringing new insights to this!!!! I noticed the quincunx is pretty hard to grasp but not really. Quincunx is where we flip the switch. Aries quincunx both Scorpio and Virgo. So using Scorpio as the ascendant. We are someone who (although personally really secretive) brings up other people’s hidden things. Just being around them is unnerving(they might not even be consciously doing anything) it’s the energy the carry. Putting hidden things(8H) on display(1st house). So when you meet a Scorpio ascendant they put your planets in their quincunx position. If you’re a Leo your sun goes into their 10th house and we have Leo quincunx Capricorn. So you can see a playful Leo act more serious…

Usama Hussain
Usama Hussain
May 07, 2021
Replying to

I like your explanation.Is this explanation helps in synastry chart too.?

My capricorn sun is 8th from my partners venus in gemini.and my partners venus is 6th house from my sun.

Would you like to explain it bro?

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