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The Jupiterian personality type

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The Jupiterian personality

The Jupiterian personality type lives life LARGELY. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and excesses, and when someone has Jupiter for their main signature, they do things FAST and they do things BIG. The Jupiterian lives life to the fullest, accumulating and assimilating knowledge and experience, always eager to thrive and grow.

Jupiterian personality: Main characteristics


The Jupiterian personality type has for main drive to expand, grow and enlarge their horizon, over and over. They want to be better, experience more, learn more, and travel more. They're typically so eager and optimistic, naturally able to embrace an abundant mindset, that they typically attract quit a lot of luck and opportunities in their life. The Jupiterian is persuaded they're blessed, and so they are.


The Jupiterian has a tendency for excesses. They want more, and they want it faster! This tendency to be impatient and bold leads them to take risks and shortcuts. If you want something done right, ask a Saturnian. If you want something done fast and boldly, ask a Jupiterian!


As they want to indulge in all the good things in life, you typically find a Jupiterian at a restaurant, indulging in food and liquor. You also find them travelling, learning a new skill, discovering a new culture, reading or writing a new book. They have built a life that revolves around accumulating and assimilating a lot of new experiences and knowledge, and so of course, comes a time where they want to share!


The Jupiterian can be a preacher, a teacher, and as they are innately generous at heart (hard not to be when you live and breathe in abundance) they want to share what they've learned with the rest of the world.


The Jupiterian has luck, the Jupiterian has boldness, and the Jupiterian has a great drive for growth. But what the Jupiterian doesn't have is discipline. You see, the Jupiterian believes in abundance and in the laws of the universe. They believe in it so much that they tend to believe in their luck no matter what. Over-indulging in food, parties and indulgence? Sure! Tomorrow can wait!


With this indulgent and sometimes wasteful attitude, the Jupiterian can go too far and sabotage their best assets. We sometimes find Jupiterian who end up living a life of excessive luxury and excessive indulgence, wasting their energy away for the sake of pleasures.

As the Jupiterian leans toward lack of discipline and sheer belief in abundance, they can end up disorganized, wasteful, and in general lean toward excesses.

Knack for law

As Jupiter tends to represent everything lawful, you'll find a Jupiterian either debating the law, making the law, or breaking the law. Jupiterians love thinking about laws (of the universe, of society) but as they believe in their luck and believe in doing things as quickly as possible, sometimes, laws just stand in their way. They're not against cutting some corners and that can lead them into some trouble. When they're not breaking the law out of impatience, they're typically working with. others to make it. You find Jupiterian in activities such as politics, laws, or anything related to academics really.


Jupiterian are typically very travel-oriented and can spend a lot of time in foreign countries, and even often relocate. What better environment than an entirely different culture, to experience the growth and expansion you seek?

Jupiterian are blessed and enlightening for everyone around them, however, they must learn to embrace a bit more discipline so that they can make their grandiose ideas reality.

Example of a famous Jupiterian: Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu birth chart

- Jupiter in the 1st House

- Jupiter conjunct Sun

- Jupiter conjunct Mercury

- Venus in Sagittarius

- Sagittarius rising

- Neptune in the 9th house

- Jupiter square Neptune

I'm not sure if you guys get that about the examples that I use for my Famous Personality Types, but I don't do any research ahead of time. I actually just think for a second and wonder who, in my mind, represents the archetype of the energy we're studying, and then I google their chart.

Gerard Depardieu, 99% of you won't know who that is, and I'm aware of that, but he is the one that popped in my mind and so I will respect my process! Gerard Depardieu is a French actor. In France, he's known to be someone exuberant, loud, who parties a lot, eats a lot of food, drinks a lot of wine, and swears quite a bit. He's known to be very outspoken and slightly outrageous. He's a very charismatic actor known for many roles, but including the character of "Obelix" - that tells you something. Upon writing the following section from Wikipedia, I discovered he was also involved in a lot of rather shocking scandals I wasn't aware of. Here's the Wikipedia excerpt for his early life and bio: "After leaving school at the age of thirteen, he worked at a printworks. He also became involved in selling stolen goods, and was put on probation.

He spent more time on the streets than in school, leaving at the age of 13. Practically illiterate and half stammering, he learned to read only later.

During a difficult adolescence, he "got by", through committing theft and smuggling all kinds of goods (cigarettes, alcohol), among others with the GIs of the important American air base of Châteauroux-Déols. He also acted as a bodyguard for prostitutes who came down from Paris on weekends, the GIs' payday."

"He is a Chevalier of the Légion d'honneur and Chevalier of the Ordre national du Mérite. He was granted citizenship of Russia in January 2013 and became a cultural ambassador of Montenegro during the same month."

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