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The Plutonian personality

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Plutonian personality

The Plutonian personality type is the deepest, most complex and intricate of all. Today, we'll aim to extract the essence of it. If you're wondering what's a personality type in the first place or how to make out which one(s) is yours, check the intro post of this series.

Plutonian personality: Main characteristics


The Plutonian is the most profound and most complex personality. Ultimately seeking complete union with themselves (subconscious/conscious fragmentation) and with another soul, they are usually the most reluctant in actually allowing this process to happen. The Plutonian is characterized by its resistance to just about anything, when truly, its soul is craving the exact opposite.

Power & mastery

The Plutonian can be the most disciplined of all personality types as its intent is power/mastery/control; they are incredibly capable of being focused, disciplined, and delay gratification. Yet, they're also the type who will also struggle the most with these. Again, an extensive range.

The Plutonian personality revolves around several themes: Powerlessness, helplessness, power and control, compulsions, obsessions, stagnancy, inability to move forward, shadow, and self-mastery. How are they all related?

The Plutonian personality is driven to seek power, control, influence and mastery. If Pluto is positive and well-integrated, the person might seek the above themes in a healthy manner. You'll find people in high positions of power, perhaps influencing the world and their environments in positive ways. You'll find people who are shamans, gurus, and people of incredible wealth (in every way: spiritual, monetary, interpersonal) who will hopefully use their wealth and resources to influence the world positively. The Plutonian seeks power and control, and necessarily the Plutonian will seek it in things like money, authority, reputation, connections, but also possibly through physical strength. Gaining strength and power through their physical body is appealing to them, and even more so that the process involves pain and transformation, two other things they particularly favour.

The Plutonian will seek dominance in every way to ensure power and influence, but the ultimate power, the ultimate control, is self-mastery. The Plutonian's purpose and ultimate goal (although if they aren't very evolved they might not even be aware of it) is to achieve complete self-awareness and complete self-mastery. If one can control oneself, one is ultimately the most powerful right?


Except these Plutonian are relatively rare. Pluto energy is explosive and challenging to master. It takes sheer dedication and ability to face and sustain darkness and pain to reach these levels of mastery. Plutonians are driven to transform and rise from their ashes, and this process necessarily involves a tremendous amount of pain. The "evolved" Plutonian will be strong enough to face the pain head on and transform through it. The more wounded Plutonian might endlessly run away from the pain and find themselves in this compulsive race backwards.

On the lower side of this polarity - and this could be assessed for example, if Pluto is forming challenging aspects in the chart, we'd find someone who faced situations growing up that left them feeling completely disempowered and helpless. Overwhelming situations, dangerous situations, abusive situations could have been common in childhood. It could also be a parenting style or an environment that was suffocating and disempowering, robbing the Plutonian of their personal power and agency.


As the Plutonian grow into their adult self, they will be driven, subconsciously, to constantly seek power and control to make up for that subconscious sense of being powerless and helpless. As the drive is mainly subconscious and compulsive, we'll find someone who will attempt to control others, relationships, perceptions, images. The Plutonian on that end of the spectrum can be wildly unaware of their inner life, as the drive for power and control can completely cloud their mind and perception. We'll find someone who engages in constant power plays with other people and someone who could find their ability to see other people as human beings decreased. This is the extreme end of Pluto energy, where one is overcome with impulses to control, manipulate, seek dominance and has a worldview of putting others into submission, obtaining obedience and compliance.

Overcoming helplessness

Whichever end of the spectrum the Plutonian sits, the motivation is the same: Overcoming a sense of helplessness. If the helplessness was deeply embedded, it is harder to overcome the coping mechanisms implemented to make up for it. If the sense of helplessness was not necessarily strong or if the Plutonian consciously worked at integrating these traumas, they will seek power and control in ways that are congruent with healthy relating to self and others, although their energy will always be rather intense and intimidating.

The Plutonian will usually need close interpersonal relationships to confront their own subconscious and shadows. If the Plutonian is unhealed/unintegrated, these relationships can be painful and filled with difficulties as the process of discovering their shadows is completely resisted. If the Plutonian is more eager to embark on a journey of self-awareness and self-mastery, these relationships can be intensely rewarding and deeply bonded.

Example of a famous Plutonian: Justin Bieber

Justin bieber birth chart

Ok, I know the Plutonians reading me are ready to send me death notes but hear me out, Justin Bieber IS a prime example of Plutonian personality type and before I explain myself, let's list out his Plutonian signatures.

- Pluto conjunct Ascendant

- Scorpio rising

- Jupiter and North Node in Scorpio

- Pluto square Mercury

- Pluto square Mars

- Pluto trine Venus

Whenever I see Justin Bieber all I can think about is his Plutonian energy. From his endless quest for self-transformation with the undying list of tattoos, to his terrible public plunge with the series of shocking events and drug abuse, to his "rebirth" as a transformed man / purified man, he's hitting all the marks for a Plutonian journey. Add to that an incredibly bonded (and yet toxic) relationship of 10 years, which was finalized by a sudden turn-around to dedicate all of his (very public) devotion to his new wife. We find all the themes of: Transformation, death and rebirth, purging, intensity, devotion, and toxicity. Welcome to the Plutonian journey!

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May 07
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Apr 24
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hello! I am a Plutonian. 20%. We are the masters of the unknown. We know what motivates others. We know if someone is a fake before they even speak. We know what you did last Summer. JK....but probably! There is so much I could say but the main thing is: Our rebirths are definitely from the pain we have encountered whether it was self inflicted or if it came from the outside. And we never go back to being that same person again. We do not even want to think about. There is a whole universe out there. And we can cast spells to make the dark come but we don't because we know the dark WILL is always…


Apr 26, 2021

Yes! Thank you Julia. Insightful. Wise. Sublime. Steven from Vancouver, Canada. 20 years ago, the life I knew collapsed. For two years I fell within, and I fell and I fell. At the worst of it I became quite suicidal even aa layer upon layer of my life was being stripped away. Then one day even as the inner clamor of my egoic mind screamed at me to 'end it', another Voice broke through and quietly, urgently whispered to me, "Steven. Steven. What if you're not falling to your death? What if you're falling into your life? What then?" Soon after that astrology 'spilled' into my life...I had never read a single thing on the subject before then. I love…


Blossom2 Awesome
Blossom2 Awesome
Apr 17, 2021

This series is truly absorbing. Thank you.

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