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The Martian personality type


Martian personality type

The Martian personality type lives life fast.

Mars is the planet of drive and assertion. It rules the masculine principle: Asserting, winning, competing, confronting, fighting, desiring, doing. Mars is in action, it burns with desire and it gets what it wants at all cost. That's Mars.

Martian personality: Main characteristics


Someone with a Martian personality type is someone who is driven and spends a lot of energy pursuing what it desires. These people are straight to the point, they always have goals and they're always working at them. Mars is a rough energy, and so when someone has it for primary energy, they tend to not beat around the bush and they tend to be a little rough around the edges. These people are typically living in environments where their energy is working well: The military, the fitness industry, to name a few. A Martian will push themselves to the limits and is always in motion and in action. Their entire being is dedicated to DOING and they can struggle with the feminine principle: Enjoying, indulging, receiving.


Someone with a Martian personality type typically needs to learn how to soften their energy so that they can get along with others. A Martian takes and win! No questions about it. Their instinct is to compete and assert themselves in the face of opposition or conflict, and although it gives them a strong ability to meet their own needs in the world, it does tend to alienate others.


A Martian can be selfish, their energy predominantly revolves around setting goals and meeting them, so their natural instinct is to be self-involved. But a Martian is also someone utterly brave, courageous and bold. The hero instinct is embedded in Mars energy, and so a Martian will have your back and won't back down on their own words or principles.


A Martian personality type is someone who is a fighter. They typically do actually practice extreme sports and martial arts, but this fighter instinct can also be more symbolic. They can be activists, or simply people who thrive in the face of adversity.


Regardless of the gender you're identified with, a Martian energy gives a masculine flair to someone's energy. Their being is entirely devoted to doing, achieving and winning. Mars represents dopamine, so someone with this energetic signature can be high on dopamine and highly motivated.

A Martian is typically impatient. Things need to be done NOW, or actually, YESTERDAY. Mars is a planet that is fiery and impetuous.

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