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Top 10 best synastry aspects

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What is a synastry?

Synastry is the study of the dynamics of a relationship.

We examine how the positions of planets in one person's birth chart relate to those in another person's natal chart. It's a tool in Astrology for assessing compatibility in love and understanding the dynamics of a relationship by comparing key elements like the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and more. Synastry helps identify areas of harmony, challenges, and attraction between individuals based on their astrological profiles.

Best aspects for synastry in relationships

#1 Venus - Mars

Oh. Venus-Mars. This one is hot hot hot. It works best when the feminine partner is Venus and when the masculine partner is Mars, and it works best when the aspect is a conjunction or a trine. Sextile is milder while the opposition and the square are typically more challenging with a lot of push and pull effect. Venus - Mars is a MAGNETIC pull. The Venus person is sexually attracted to Mars while the Mars finds Venus oh so appealing and teasing. Here you have hot chemistry typically unless Saturn comes pooping on the show. This creates nice polarity in a couple and I personally know when someone has their Mars on my Venus because that's the only times I feel compelled to make a move.

# 2 Moon - Moon

I LOVE Moon Moon in relationships. The square and the opposition are frequent but they're not as comfy. Moon/Moon in conjunction sextile or trine gives a sense of "oh, I know you and feel comfy with you". You meet someone and very quickly you feel comfortable and homey. The square and opposition would represent a certain resistance to it. A reluctance. A sense of not being fully aligned.

#3 Moon - Venus

Moon-Venus is soooooo sweet in relationships. It's one of those relationships where you wish them the best, pet them, cook with them, snuggle and feel lovey-dovey with each other. It creates this desire to please each other in cute ways. It also creates a good home life and a good friendship with each other. As with the other aspects, square and opposition are less potent.

#4 Moon - Mars

I love a flowy Moon-Mars aspect. It creates so much sexual attraction and a sense of arousing each other's feelings. I'm a little biased on this one because I'm a Moon-Mars myself so I like a relationship that heightens my feelings. Some people prefer more of a peaceful and quiet river and with Moon-Mars it's not always the case. But you'll have chemistry + attraction.

The only time when Moon Mars is not good in relationships is when the masculine partner's Mars is square or opposite the feminine partner Moon. In this case, she'll feel regularly hurt and bruised by him.

#5 Venus - Jupiter

Venus Jupiter in flowy aspect typically represents a relationship that's full of growth and mutual enjoyment and a good relationship typically relies on the premise that by being together you'll experience MORE (love, abundance, enjoyment, experiences). Relationships with Venus/Jupiter typically stay together not because they have to but because life feels better when you're with them.

#6 Saturn - Mars

And more specifically when the man's Mars is conjunct the woman's Saturn (of feminine/masculine partner). I don't really know why this one is so good, but I know that it brings a very potent sense of commitment on the masculine partner's part. Like they want to devote their energy fully and wholeheartedly to their feminine partner. And that typically feels very warm and enveloping to their partner. For that, I vote Saturn Mars as a top placement. I know this is a very untraditional take as most blog posts about synastry will tell you that Saturn in aspect to Mars in the synastry chart is this evil malefic placement you must stir away from, but I disagree. It can be difficult depending on the aspect, but it can also bring devotion.

#7 Neptune - Venus

Neptune-Venus is so potent you feel completely enthralled and spell-bonded. If someone's Venus touches your Neptune, you're in for a treat. You'll feel infatuated and won't be able to see clearly. Welcome to the Neptune-Venus love train!

#8 Moon - Jupiter

This one is so common in married couples, especially the masculine partner's Moon in aspect to the feminine partner's Moon. It brings a sense of having your heart expanded through the connection with the partner and that's always a really nice feeling. It breeds loyalty and faithfulness.

#9 Any personal planet conjunct the Ascendant or Descendant

Instant attraction, comfort, familiarity, chemistry and recognition.

#10 Any positive alignment between the angles

AS conjunct AS / As trine As / As conjunct MC. All of these angle alignments reveal a profound path alignment between two people + genuine compatibility with each other.

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