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The type of partner you will meet - Based on your transits

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When will you meet someone?

One of the most common questions I receive when doing readings for a client is this one: "When will I meet someone?"

I have written an article about this specific question that you can read here, but today I wanted to address a different question: What kind of person do you meet, or what is the flavour of relationship that shows up for you, based on the transit you're experiencing?

The type of partner you will meet based on your transits

The type of transits you are experiencing can tell you a lot about the nature of the relationship you will find and the type of partner you will meet. Of course, several transits can occur at the same time and paint a broader picture. We often meet someone of importance when outer planets touch on: Your Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus.

Transits of Pluto: Who you will meet

Meeting someone or several people who will absolutely transform you and leave a deep imprint on your soul. These relationships are typically very obsessive, passionate, devouring, devoted and merging. If the transit is a trine or a sextile, it typically brings a very powerful relationship that does not carry dark energies (unless the birth chart suggests it), while hard transits (conjunction, square, opposition) typically do! You will remember this relationship for your whole life, either because this is your life partner or because it left you completely changed. You could meet a Plutonian personality.

Transits of Neptune: Who you will meet

Meeting someone or several people who are an absolute DREAM. Whether or not the dream lives up to reality is largely based on 1/ the birth chart 2/ whether or not the transit is flowy or challenging. Neptune will make you blind, no matter how much awareness you bring to the situation, no matter if you are prepared or not for this transit, Neptune temporarily confuses you and put you under a love spell. Neptune transits can absolutely bring soulmates and people you will feel in love with your whole life. Or you'll wake up one day and wonder what got into you.

You could meet a Neptunian personality.

Transits of Uranus: Who you will meet

Meeting someone or several people who enter your life in a split second and change your whole life forever. You feel touched by lightning and relationships begin extremely quickly. There's a sense of love at first sight typically and the relationship is almost "instant". Whether or not the person stays in your life is another story, transits of Uranus only act as INSTANT CATALYST and bring relationships that are high in chemistry.

You could meet a Uranian personality.

Transits of Saturn: Who you will meet

Meeting someone (typically, not several people) and beginning the relationship slowly, cautiously, and methodically. Relationships that begin under Saturn are a slow burn, they develop slowly and they typically last - unless they die before the fire had the time to burn. There is a sense of meeting someone and thinking long-term instantly. The relationship is solid because you're feeling solid too, at that time.

You could meet a Saturnian personality.

Transits of Jupiter: Who you will meet

Transits of Jupiter are not as potent but they do seem to represent an OPPORTUNITY that comes your way. Life feels hopeful and large, abundant and joyful, full of possibilities. As I explained in the ground rules above, the birth chart planets that matter are: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Ascendant. The transits that matter are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter. You want to find at least two transits (I'd lean toward 3 even) to be SURE you will meet someone significant.

You could meet a Jupiterian personality.

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