Venus in Libra: Isn't it lovely?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Venus in Libra invented the word seduction; they are light, gentle, soft, kind and beautifully mannered. They can and will charm everything and everyone. Tables bend under their elbows, ice melt around them.

They put a lot of values in relationships: Friendships, love partners, social encounters, and coworkers. They love people and they feel at best when surrounded by the people they love, or just any people for that matter. They don’t really enjoy being alone, unless there is strong earth-water energies in their chart.

 Venus in Libra is the light of the party. If you want to find one, try bars, restaurants, spas, malls, just anywhere where you can find a good party or entertainment. Somewhere fancy and well decorated should do the trick too.

When they’re not busy entertaining themselves as social butterflies, they think about love, or should I say Love, the perfect Love, the ideal Love.

What is it you ask? Well Venus in Libra doesn’t really know, they’re more in love with the idea of it than anything else.

They may struggle staying in one partnership because their expectation of what love is a little different from what it actually is. When Venus in Scorpio loves you for every bone you have, when Venus in Virgo loves you because you’re so cute when you wash your teeth, Venus in Libra loves you when the relationship looks and feels like the perfect romance-movie they’ve seen a 100 times.

More seriously, Venus in Libra needs their partnership to be harmonious, balanced, equal, committed. What they want is quite hard to achieve, but the good news is, they are willing to make all the compromises necessary to make the reality match their expectations. They know how to be fair and like Mercury in Libra, they’re good at seeing both sides of a coin. They’re usually emotionally intelligent which gives them great skills at any kind of relationship.

Venus in Libra suffers a great paradox: They want, they crave a loving partnership, that’s all they think about most of the time; and they struggle defining themselves and developing themselves without a partnership. But in the same time, they love their freedom very much and they fear to become co-dependent.

And it’s a very rational fear for them, as they do struggle having independency in their relationship, the eternal problem of the Libra seeking for balance. Once they’re loved up they tend to cling to their partners and although they love spending so much time with them, they also hate the idea that they can’t live without them. Two sides of the coin always with our dear Libra.

Venus in Libra can be quite the big spenders. They love everything that’s good in life, and everything that’s luxurious. They surround themselves with beautiful people, beautiful things, and nothing is too good for them. Luckily enough, they usually find people willing to help with that. Because how can you resist the delightful charms of Venus in Libra?

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