Venus in Virgo: I need you to need me

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

These people are extremely picky and detail oriented, and don’t think you can get away with your flaws, they see absolutely everything. Each small detail of your personality & appearance will be studied thoroughly and subject to a detailed weekly report.

You need help reviewing your final project for work? Ask a Virgo. You’re designing a product and wondering if everything is proportioned, balanced, well thought? Ask a Virgo.

If you’re dating a Venus in Virgo, get ready for a list of the things you’re doing wrong & a PowerPoint presentation of your flaws and practical solutions to better yourself. But that’s only because they love you and want the best for you. They have extremely high standards for the people they love, but they have even higher standards for themselves.

Venus in Virgo is well mannered, they believe in education, tradition, and politeness. They would never swear or be loud in society, they like when things are clean and in order. Of course, if other placements in the chart say otherwise, this would be partially or totally invalidated.So if you’re trying to seduce a Venus in Virgo, don’t be obnoxious, don’t be loud, and don’t be vulgar. Revealing clothes would be a no-no for Venus in Virgo. They like sexy but classic-sexy.

The attitude of Venus in Virgo towards sex is quite conservative. If you want crazy hot sex and animal passion, go see an Aries or a Scorpio. Mercury rules Virgo, and Virgos are all about intellect. So if you have sex with a Venus in Virgo, you’re kind of having sex with their brain. They have trouble shutting it down and that’s why Virgo is known for having trouble with climax, how can you completely enjoy your time in the bedroom when you can’t stop thinking about this grocery list of yours? Also because Virgo has such high expectations for themselves, they’re probably obsessing about how they gained weight or how their skin looks lumpy in that position.

I’m painting a difficult image here but, let’s remember that Virgo is an earth sign, and earth sign are still sensual people. They are not asexual; they’re just very mental. Arouse the right image in their brain and they’re yours.

Venus in Virgo shows their love by being there for you in your daily life. Virgo is known for their sense of support and service, you’ll find them as waitresses, nurses, or anything related to serving and helping people. That’s how they feel rewarded and how they show their appreciation. They need to be needed to feel complete. So if you’re dating a Venus in Virgo, look at what they do for you on a daily basis to help you and support you, and that will tell you how much they love you. Their love can be found in the details.

You ordered a double Whiskey on the rocks with one ice cube and a side of soda and a lime? They’ll remember just that, even years after and will serve it to you exactly the way you want it, even when you forgot how you like your Whiskeys.

Their memory is absolutely amazing, ruled by Mercury they are highly analytic and their memory is probably the best out of all the Zodiac.

Venus in Virgo is quite private and feels more at ease with stable and known partners. Expect a Venus in Virgo to blossom when installed comfortably in a long-term relationship.

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