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Venus in Virgo in the birth chart of women and men

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Venus in Virgo in the birth chart

People with Virgo Venus are extremely picky and detail-oriented. Don’t think you can get away with your flaws, they see absolutely everything. Each small detail of your personality & appearance will be studied thoroughly and subject to a detailed weekly report.

Do you need help reviewing your final project for work? Ask a Virgo Venus. You’re designing a product and wondering if everything is proportioned, balanced, and well-thought? Ask a Virgo.

If you’re dating a Venus in Virgo, get ready for a list of the things you’re doing wrong & a presentation of your flaws and practical solutions to better yourself. But that’s only because they love you and want the best for you. They have extremely high standards for the people they love, but they have even higher standards for themselves.

Venus in Virgo is well-mannered, they believe in education, tradition, and politeness. They would never swear or be loud in society, they like when things are clean and in order. Of course, if other placements in the chart say otherwise, this would be partially or totally invalidated. So if you’re trying to seduce a Venus in Virgo, don’t be obnoxious, don’t be loud, and don’t be vulgar.

Keep in mind, the rest of the chart can greatly influence how Venus in Virgo is experienced, depending on the aspects it receives, or where the other planets are located.

Venus in Virgo shows their love by being there for you in your daily life. Virgo is known for their sense of support and service, you’ll find them as waitresses, nurses, or anything related to serving and helping people. That’s how they feel rewarded and how they show their appreciation. They need to be needed to feel complete. So if you’re dating a Venus in Virgo, look at what they do for you on a daily basis to help you and support you, and that will tell you how much they love you. Their love can be found in the details.

Virgo Venus in the birth chart women:

When it comes to love, money, personal values, lifestyle, relationships and commitment, women with Venus in Virgo in their birth chart will appear practical, logical and down-to-earth. These ladies have a strong eye for detail, they are systemizers and they like to be in control of the situation at all times, or else they tend to experience anxiety. They are perfectionists and they are always looking for ways to improve. If anything doesn't meet their expectations, they take it upon themselves to get it done right. They may come off as neat freaks because they like to micro-manage most aspects of their lives, from how their food is cut to how things are arranged in their homes. They like to think things through and avoid taking risks, the lack of which, may contribute to their sluggish approach to commitment in relationships.

Virgo Venus woman Money

When it comes to finances, women with Venus in Virgo will be very conservative and prefer to save always. They take budgeting seriously and can be quite successful in business, especially when it comes to investing, taxes and consulting.

Virgo Venus woman Values

Value-wise, women with Venus in Virgo will always be looking for ways to upgrade their life and themselves! They usually are quite keen on self-help and self-improvement in general. They like to take their time and research ideas before they pursue them. They have a love-hate relationship with change, although they know and understand that it’s necessary for growth.

Virgo Venus woman relationships

Relationships-wise, a woman with Venus in Virgo will keep it real. She desires an emotional connection with her partner but needs someone who pays attention to the finer details. She marinates on things while contemplating the ‘‘what-ifs''. The Virgo Venus woman is typically quite anxious and waiting on the other shoe to drop. She is loyal, supportive and has the capacity to display her affection through her actions rather than through grand romantic gestures.

As for commitment, once a woman with Venus in Virgo has found something which is worth dedicating her energy to, this is when she shows her true dedication and loyalty. Will it take her a while to decide what she wants? Yes, but you can count on her to deliver on her promises.

To conclude, women with Venus in Virgo are grounded, reliable and incredibly devoted in relationships. They work hard to create a harmonized and stress-free environment, in all its forms. Although astrology can only give us an understanding of how those with certain zodiac signs behave, it is important to remember that each person is an individual. Every situation is there to be interpreted and understood, according to our own life experiences.

Virgo Venus in the birth chart man:

When Venus is in Virgo, men display a sensitivity towards others that can be both admirable and irritating at times. With a desire to please their partner, men with Venus in Virgo may demonstrate a real depth of compassion and care, whilst at the same time falling into an obsessive need to have the approval of their loved ones. This man is profoundly domestic and is eager to come home to his partner to experience the little things of daily life together.

Virgo Venus man Money

In terms of money, men with Venus in Virgo may not be naturally adept with money, instead, they may be more focused on structuring and organizing finances in a way that is manageable and maximizes security. These men truly do have accountant tendencies. They may be happy to take care of household expenses and insist on being the breadwinner, but if their finances become too unstable, they can become anxious and extreme in their efforts to set things straight. Virgo Venus can be a little stingy with money, similar to Venus in Scorpio.

Virgo Venus man Values

When it comes to personal values and lifestyle, men with Venus in Virgo are likely to value and respect the details, be loyal to their traditions, and take pride in their home. They are good at setting long-term goals and can be incredibly persistent in their efforts to reach them. They're usually rather pure, actively seeking to embody higher values of ethics, kindness, humility and humbleness. They truly do put a lot of emphasis on domestic life and cherish the ability to share their time and life with a partner to be devoted to.

Virgo Venus man Lifestyle

In terms of lifestyle, these men may be a bit domesticized and prefer quiet nights at home over flashy outings and social events. When it comes to relationships and commitment, men with Venus in Virgo may appear very cautious at first, as they likely prefer to take their time to fully dissect the qualities of their prospective mates. But once they have made their intentions clear, the Virgo man is likely to commit heart and soul. Loyal to their chosen one and a stickler for routine, these men may be seen as practical, but their underlying kindness and consideration for their partner can be a delight.

Virgo Venus man attraction

Finally, when it comes to the type of woman these men may be attracted to, Venus in Virgo may suggest an innate appreciation for modesty, punctuality, and intelligence. These men may also be drawn to independent women who don’t have an overly girly disposition, and yet, can still be gracious and passionate in the bedroom. Overall, when it comes to Venus in Virgo in the birth chart of men, this planetary placement is likely to manifest itself in a thoughtful man who places great value in their relationship, their money, and the details of their life.

When researching astrology and birth charts, one should always remember to consult experts and practice humility in their interpretations. Understanding planetary placements, signs, and aspects is a complex and skillful task, one that can add great insight when used thoughtfully.

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