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Saturn - Venus in the birth chart: Will you love me, if?

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Saturn oh Saturn. Saturn is tough, it's not hard to understand but it is tough.

Like all the aspects involving Saturn (see Saturn conjunct Moon, or Saturn in aspect to Mars) the harsh aspect between Saturn and Venus talks about sky high standards the person holds themselves to. There is a very extensive sense of duty, commitment and reputation. Love is desired more than anything else, but also feared.

The overall themes that someone with Venus-Saturn is grappling with:

  • Being very serious about relationships

  • Withholding commitment indefinitely or on the completely opposite token, committing right away

  • Having their self-worth tied to their productivity

  • Holding themselves to high standards

  • Being very practical in relationships

  • Being attracted to older partners, to business-minded partners.

  • Being a perfectionist

  • Dealing with social anxiety or a sense of being inferior or inadequate

  • Tendency to feel isolated and/or to isolate oneself

  • Low self-worth

The education the person received could have led them to believe one way or another that, to be loved, they would need to earn it. By being flawless and successful, by earning their worth. This leads to a lack of self-confidence and they work hard at bettering themselves.

I noticed two major trends of behaviours: Staying single for a prolonged period, until the person develops self-confidence and acquires the belief that they deserve love; or mating with one person that they will be very committed to, partly perhaps because of the belief that no one else will love them.

In partnerships of any type, they are extremely devoted and loyal. Cheating isn’t really the classic behaviour of an unhappy Saturn-Venus. Saturn ruling Capricorn, they will probably aspire to have a traditional family, and they will be there for their family no matter what.

Their partner could also be a business partner, or they could treat the relationship as such. Saturn talks about containment, and there is a difficult to be expansive in the demonstration of their feelings.

This of course is considering that the rest of the chart does not paint a different story, like for example Venus also in aspect to Jupiter. Bear in mind it is hard to be precise without doing an in-depth birth chart reading.

Although they crave love and intimacy, because of their sometimes cold attitude, they could deprive themselves from the love they want to receive. Saturn is always quite the paradox, and the key here is to learn how to recognize those behaviours, and practice self-positivity and self-reinforcement. There is a need for the person to repeat and believe: “You are worthy of love, you do not need to do anything in order to be loved.”

They may also expect from a love partnership to bring social status and financial success. This could be one of the reason why they could choose someone older; someone with an already good situation.

In business, Saturn conjunct Venus knows timing. They are patient, dedicated, and hardworking. They can attract powerful and successful people in their life, who will help them financially and/or professionally. This can take the form of teachers, friends, mentors, and partners.

Venus represents the physical appearance as well, (even more if located in the 1st House or ruling the natal chart) and the person could age really well.

Venus-Saturn conjunct: Indicates that the energies of the two planets are in close alignment with each other. This can indicate a harmonious relationship between the two planets, and a person can benefit from the positive aspects of both planets. This can indicate a person who is able to attract wealth, love, and creativity. However, this aspect can also indicate a person who is prone to putting too much emphasis on material possessions or who has difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. It's hard to tell which one it is, you want to look at whether Venus or Saturn are dignified or not. Ex: Saturn conjunct Venus in Aquarius is not necessarily a negative placement as Saturn is at home in Aquarius. Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio though does lead to more isolation usually as Venus is already ill-dignified in Scorpio.

Venus - Saturn square: This can indicate a person who is prone to conflicts, arguments, and feelings of restriction and limitation. This person can find it difficult to be creative and to express their feelings. They may struggle to establish healthy relationships and feel trapped in their circumstances. This leads usually to low self-worth, a tendency to isolate oneself and/or feel isolated. Usually, the person doesn't feel love usually or doesn't find it easy to receive it.

Venus - Saturn opposite: This can indicate a person who is prone to jealousy, possessiveness, and fear of loss. This person may struggle to make decisions and find it difficult to trust others. They may also feel stuck in a pattern of insecurity and fear.

Venus - Saturn quincunx: This indicates that the energies of the two planets are in an awkward angle to each other and can create a lot of confusion and misunderstandings in the areas of life they represent. This can indicate a person who has difficulty in balancing the needs of others with their own and may experience a lot of inner conflicts. This person may also feel that they are unable to express their true feelings and find themselves caught in a pattern of indecisiveness.

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