Venus in Aries: I'll chase you until you're mine

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Venus in Aries is the conquistador of the Zodiac; they love and live for the chase. Aries being ruled by Mars, it gives a very dynamic color to this Venus.

Venus in Aries sees and takes, their interest is instant and unlike a Venus in Scorpio or Venus in Virgo, they do not need to know someone in depth to be attracted to them. Their style is quick, light, and fun.

Men and women with this Venus sign will just get up and go get the person they want. Wherever they are, they always have their radar on and they have no shyness about hitting on whomever they like. They’re not offended by rejection, as they know it's part of the game.

If the person they are chasing is playing hard to get, they will chase them until they win them over. Unless of course they get bored before they achieve their goal, or find another shiny thing to adore. Venus in Aries has a very short attention span, and although they love the thrill of the chase, this is not a very consistent sign.

They need to be motivated and excited to stay in a relationship – Assuming they actually entered on. They fall in love very easily and get out of it just as fast. Of course, if there are a lot of earth or water energies in the Chart, and/or Saturn aspects, this volatility will be tamed or suppressed. For example, a Taurus Sun with other earth aspects will have the characteristics described here, but they will crave companionship and stability, which will seriously undermine the fire of Aries.

Aries is impatient, energetic, and impulsive. They love a good wrestling and they will expect and want sex early on in the relationship. They just don’t see the big deal, sex for them is just a way of releasing the pressure and having fun, and they don’t necessarily associate feelings or love with it. Sex has to be and remain playful and exciting, so you better have a healthy sex drive and not take yourself too seriously.

Aries is associated with the 1st House of the Zodiac. In a nutshell: “me first”. Their potential flaws include, being self-centered, immature, impulsive, and superficial. They can also struggle with being faithful. The problem is, Venus in Aries could lead others to believe they entered a relationship, when Venus in Aries just had a fun ride. Not because they’re looking to be deceiving or lying their way, but more because they just don’t put the same weight in sex as other signs do, and they were probably too much in a rush to sit down and talk about it. If you’re starting to date a Venus in Aries, slow things down and talk about what you want and expect. Lying is not really one of their flaw, and they’ll probably answer abruptly and honestly your concerns and questions.

They struggle with committing to one person, and it may take them time to enter a monogamous relationship. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra, when Libra craves a partnership to feel complete, Aries runs away from it to stay independent. They feel great on their own, and they can be afraid of losing a part of their identity by being in a relationship. Once they find someone they want to be with, if their partner keep them on their toes & share their passion for fun & play, they can be as faithful as any other sign. They can be quite the amazing partners, showing great generosity and appreciation.  

Venus also rules money, and they can be quite the big spenders. When Venus in Leo spends for the thrill of being generous and luxurious, Venus in Aries spends because they forgot to think about it twice.

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